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Your Business Your People Your Systems
Unlike most IT companies we do not focus on selling hardware, software or narrow specialist services. Our objective is to help you bring your staff, software systems, business processes and information together to work efficiently.

We prefer to use the phrase Information Resources as this emphasises more than just the technological aspects of your business processes.
Your staff are probably the single most costly resource so when looking at any process it is imperative that they are included within your strategies and development.

Our aim is to empower you and your staff.
Inevitably your software and business systems will have been acquired over a period of time for a variety of reasons. As your business grows and technologies change the complete picture needs to be reviewed to maximise system and process efficiency and avoid data duplication.

If you are a small startup we can guide you in what you will need and where to source it.
Process Analysis Office Automation Database Prototyping
In most cases your business will have established core processes in place and running well.

What may not be so apparent are weak software or system interfaces that staff have become comfortable 'working around'.

We can review these processes, help you identify these weak areas and propose suitable updates.
Many simple tasks can be improved with a little automation using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). This can be done as simply as recording a Macro or as sophisticated as developing a full featured custom application.

We can train staff to create their own macros  complete with dialogue boxes and controls.

If this is not an option, we can create macros or applications for you.
Maybe your HR system doesn't hold a telephone number or your project system doesn't hold a list of team members ?

You can create a spread sheet to plug the gap but this can cause it's own problems.

Why not use Microsoft Access or SQL Server ?'s not as expensive as it might seem.

If something more complex is required we can build a prototype quickly and cheaply so you can evaluate the concept with mininal outlay.
Requirements Scoping Training & Recruitment Project Management
Where significant change may be required we can prepare a scoping document to brief other speciaists or where in house resource is available co-ordinate a full system specification which can be used for competetive tendering. If your staff do not have the knowledge we can train them or if that is not enough we can also help you recruit; from job specification through to interview and assessment.

In addition to office software such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, OpenOffice and SAP Business One training we can provide computer 'usage and abusage' staff induction training in association with your HR department.
We provide project management where required from scoping, design, tendering, implementation and commissioning.

We also install and commission servers, workstations and network equipment where necessary.